The Importance of Confidence during weight loss

A positive body image begins with a series of steps. In order for you to gain the physique you wish to have, you must begin by taking a step toward exercise and practicing better eating habits. However, one shouldn’t wait until they achieve their “perfect” body to have a positive self-image. Losing weight and confidence should be a hand-in-hand progression, however I’ve noticed that weight has become a clutch on which our confidence is balancing upon. I’ve witness people who want to lose weight and are attempting to work towards losing weight, but lack the confidence throughout the process. How are you going to lose those twenty pounds for your best friend’s wedding if you don’t already feel confident in general? Remember there’s two levels of confidence, the confidence that you rock and the confidence that you can achieve. If you go into a weight loss goal already knowing that you’re going to kill it, then the following steps will be easy. If you have made a decision to eat better and exercise to gain an image you’d be more happy with, that decision alone is worth you walking around like you’re a Boss. Losing weight is tough as hell and anyone up for the challenge should be patted on the back. But we shouldn’t shy way from feeling confident simply because we haven’t reached our goal or rather still working towards our goal. Confidence should be present 24/7 and if not, then we need to recite daily mantra’s or whatever else until we’re at a point where we’re still confident despite our current weight. Because that’s all it is, our current weight not our final weight. Personally, I enjoy posing in front of the mirror saying “Dang girl , you look gooood!

-J.S. Gates

Daily Mantra


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