Guys Need Love Too

I’m not a male, therefore I do feel somewhat hesitant to offer fitness advice for guys because frankly I feel like my knowledge of their bodies (in terms of exercise) is nonexistent. In retrospect, general cardio and target exercises that work for women would render great results for guys too. So in an attempt to embrace my male readers (if I have any o_O), I want to focus on them for a bit.

As a fitness instructor and recent college student, I’ve witnessed guys who want to get in shape and walk straight into the gym towards the weight section. They start pumping iron to target their “muscles” and often think that any other exercises are for girls. They often neglect incorporating cardio into their workout, since apparently the arms are the most important feature to sculpt as that’s where the ladies (or other fellas) look first. For the fellas just starting out, while weight lifting is definitely a great work out, I wouldn’t suggest skipping out on cardio all together. Basketball, football, Bootcamp circuits or even kickboxing can provide much needed cardio in addition to lifting weights if that’s what you choose. Have you ever met someone with huge muscles who would become out of breath after two flights of stairs? Simply because your big up top, doesn’t mean you’re technically “in shape”. And while many guys do incorporate cardio workouts into their routine, a lot more don’t, especially my young guys. I would always try to get my guy friends into my group fitness classes in college, because I wanted them to see that group fitness classes ( especially my class) wasn’t a sissy class of knee lifts and jumping jacks. Cardio is cardio is cardio and a well planned group fitness class can help you tone your arms, abs, calfs, butt and assist in building up muscle.

My point is, though it seems like there’s a lot more blogs dedicated to exercises for the ladies, target exercises are target exercises whether it’s in a women’s health magazine or vice versa. A squat will have just as much positive effect on your butt as it will a girl and taking part in a group fitness class won’t make you less of a man. In fact, I crave the day to have a guy who is more accustomed to getting his cardio workout through other means, take one of my fitness classes. That way he’d be able to see that basketball has nothing on a great group fitness class. Guys, don’t neglect your cardio, trust me ALL of the fit guys on the internet or in magazines are incorporating some kind of cardio into their workout and it’ll be hugely beneficial for you to do the same.

In terms of counting carbs and watching what you consume, Men’s Health did an excellent article that listed 10 Easy Ways to Lose Weight without Starving. Yet please remember, losing weight is far from easy and just like anything else requires total commitment in order to succeed.

-J.S. Gates


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