Muffin Top Buster

For some people, rock hard 6-pack abs just isn’t your thing, myself included. Instead I prefer a flat curvacious waist line with a hint of ab muscles, not too manly but free of flab or a muffin top. If you’re like myself, its important that we focus on our corset area when doing core workouts.

What is the Corset area? Well technically it’s comprised of the Transversus Abdominis which is located underneath the obliques. However, obliques and rectus abdominis (aka your 6-pack muscles) are often included when discussing the key muscles on one’s Corset area. It’s important to know the muscles that make up the area so we know exactly which exercises are best to target the core. Crunches and plain sit-ups aren’t going to necessarily help you achieve that feminine, inward curve at the waste. However, exercises that force you to stabilize yourself through engage each of the three muscles will help you in gaining that beautiful figure in about a month. I’d also like to add, for the following exercises, like anything, is perfectly suitable for men wanting to gain a more toned core. Working the corset area rids the belly of any muffin tops or pouches, so I would still suggesting the following for men while also including regular sit-ups to build up the rectus abdominis.

Spiderman Plank: Works all ab muscles, calves, thighs, back, chest, arms and shoulders. Ensure that the plank position is with a neutral spine, tailbone tucked in and the entire body in a straight line. A beginning option that is not shown is without the push-up movement. Simply hold a plank and bring the knee into the elbow, maintaining straight arms. 15 reps each side. 


Scissors: There’s quite a few variations for the scissor workout as each variation works the 6-pack abs. Flying either flat on your back, or propped up on your elbows with your core engaged, lift and lower the legs in a constant crisscross fashion yet without allowing the heels to touch the ground. Challenge yourself to do between 30sec-1min of these a couple of times throughout your workout. 



Superwo(man): This move works the entire corset area, and remember to hold the belly button in toward the spine during your lift up. Hold for 5-10 counts and slowly lower back down to a neutral position, repeat three to four times. 

Body Cross Plank: This move works the abs, obliques, thighs, back, shoulders, butt, chest and arms. While holding a neutral plank, bring the knee in towards the opposite elbow remembering to engage the abs. Alternate between the two knees 15reps each. 

Torso Twists: Works everything basically. Perfect with or without weights and can be done starting from a neutral side plank or regular plank, either way the body must remain straight as a board. Without weights, touch your top elbow to your bottom elbow, sucking the belly button to spine the entire time. With weights, start with the weight above your head and lower it down, bringing it in across the body maintaining a regular plank. 15reps each side.


These moves are perfect to incorporate into your regular cardio routine and should be done at least three times a week. Always try to challenge yourself to do a couple of rounds each time and you’ll start to see that perfect waistline before the end of the month.

-J.S. Gates


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