Friday Inspiration

Friday mornings are the best time to #GOHard on your exercise routine. You get up early, workout, get a pump of energy to last you through the day and hopefully you have plans to go out Friday night and wear something that shows off your progress. Fridays are also the best day to receive a jolt of motivation to help you get through the weekend. Or maybe I’m simply alone in wanting to do nothing more then sleep, eat and go out when it comes time for Friday. In any case, here’s a little inspiring post that has everything you need to get through the weekend. Think of it as a mini survival kit.

-J.S. Gates

Friday Inspiration

Routine For the Day: 

Add some protein: For many people, breakfast just isn’t their thing. So whether your first meal is in the morning or toward the afternoon, make sure you add some protein into your meal to help you feeling full and less inclined to snack. Research shows the more full you feel earlier in the day, the less you tend to eat in between meals. Try boiled eggs, cereal, cheese sticks with skim milk, etc.

Try a new move: Straight leg sit-ups offer a full range of motion, working not only the abdominal muscles but the legs and hips as well. But BE CAREFUL as to not slam your spine into the ground each sit-up. Place a mat underneath you and be mindful of a neutral spine the entire time. Try to challenge yourself and aim for 35.

Music of the Day: I love music. Me working out without music is like some people going a day without texting, it just doesn’t feel right. I highly suggest the following songs if you need to rejuvenate your workout playlist. Follow the titles to  hear the song.

Ariana Grande- The Way. This is DEFINITELY  a warm-up song but a great one nonetheless

David Guetta-Play Hard. It’s not a fitness class unless I play at least one David Guetta song during my cardio classes. Excellent for the elliptical, ab workout, biking or running.

Macklemore-Can’t Hold Us. I’m sure you all have this song but in case you don’t, you NEED it. This is a popular Zumba song of mine as well a killer thigh, butt and gut killer.

Recipe of the Day: Wonton Tacos!!!! Click the photo for a great recipe for a delicious take on traditional tacos.



Don’t FORGET: Saturday is June 1st, a new month of fitness and you will find a June calendar under the Monthly Exercise Calendar page with a list of exercises for each day in June.

Happy Friday!

Beast in the Gym


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