Cool Summer Eats w/Killer Workout

It’s miserably hot in Vegas right now, like triple digits miserable and understandably I’ve only had the appetite for salads lately. But coming from a meat-loving family, I have to have at least some type of meat on my salads in order for me to feel satisfied. The awesome thing about salads is you can throw any type of leftovers on top and call it a day. I had garlic shrimp linguine the other day so tonight I threw the left over shrimp on top of romaine lettuce, added sweet tomatoes, a little bit of bacon, green onions and a bit of cheddar cheese. Now in a perfect world, I would’ve added cranberries, a bit of avocado and a bit more vegetable options for more nutrient however even with making due with what I had, the salad came in under 300 calories. Pretty good for dinner.

I’d like to say I’m not a big fan of counting calories, it just doesn’t really fit into my lifestyle as I don’t like to worry about it. Instead I prefer to recommend eating in moderation as portions are what matters when it comes to weight loss and gain. However, I do realize counting calories does work for some people which is why I found this amazing tool for those who do count calories and want to do so with salads called the Salad Calorie Counter.

Anywho here’s some amazing summer recipes that are a little out of the box for the summer. Hopefully you’re not suffering triple digit heat though!

-J.S. Gates

Garlicky Shrimp, Chorizo & White Bean Sautee: I absolutely love garlic, the more the better. This recipe is jammed packed with protein yet it’s not overloaded with heavy, unnecessary ingredients. If I could eat shrimp everyday I literally would, add some white beans and dried chorizo and you have the simplest meal that looks Top Chef worthy. Click the pic for the recipe.

Summer Vegetable Crepes: There’s a lot of greenery going on in here, zucchini, green beans and even fresh chives. I’m going to be honest, at first glance it seems like I’d be hungry 5min after consuming this due to the lack of meat but thankfully it’s also packed with corn, ricotta, sour cream and other goodies. Click the pic for the recipe.

Summer Peach and Balsamic Pizza: I’ll be the first to admit that my eyes would normally raise upon the suggestion of adding peaches to a pizza but I’m not going to lie this picture alone has made me a believer. It only has 7 ingredients and peaches in the summer is always a perfect treat. For those who aren’t a fan of peaches, I’d substitute avocado or green apples. Click the pic for the recipe.

Mexican Hot Dogs: I don’t even need to say anything. There’s avocado and hot dogs involved, enough said. Click the pic for the recipe.

Zucchini Enchiladas: I never would’ve thought to add zucchini to tortilla shells, but I fell in love with zucchini when I went abroad so I’ll try anything with it. It has a bit more ingredients then the rest of the recipes, but this is a hearty meal and said to make a great lunch the next day. Click the pic for the recipe.

Killer Move

As a treat I had to add in a great workout at the end. I call the following move buns of steel because it absolutely KILLS your butt in a good way. For an added challenge I have my class hold either a dumbbell overhead with both hands, or hold the weight at the waist through the entire set. Try to do 10-30 reps within your workout routine.


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