Summer Fitness Workout List

Exercise videos are cool and all but gifs are better. Why? Because gifs can be easily pulled up on your phone if you want to try some new moves in the gym or after a run to the park. Plus sometimes exercise videos come off just a bit too cheesy for my taste. So bookmark this article so you can pull it up on your phone next time you want a challenge.

-J.S. Gates

Using ankle leg weights, extend your leg out rotating from the hip and keeping the knee straight. Try to avoid letting the toes touch the ground during the circle and remember to keep the abs engaged and back flat.

A simple tuck in that can easily transition into a burpee. However if you have bad knees and jumping isn’t your thing, this tuck in is great for the abs. Keep your back flat and your abs engaged.

Dumbbell Burpee. This is definitely a challenge but is a great way to add toning to your floor routine. If doing a plank and push-up on the dumbbell is a bit too much, position your hands on the outside of the dumbbell. As always keep your spine neutral, shoulders down and gaze out in front (avoid tucking the chin) Also this move is different which adds some umpf to your regular workout.

This is the beginning level to the next #Beast gif. While holding a plank position, elbows locked, back flat, gaze in between the hands and shoulders down, jump the feet in and out making sure your knees stay straight.

This is for the workout #Beasts. I call this the Turn-Heads-Hop-Scotch because it gives you an easy total body sculpt. Using tape, section out 2-4 straight squares. While in plank, hop scotch back and front jumping in and out of the boxes (make them big enough). Keep the back flat the entire time, abs engage and elbows strong. Keep a steady rhythm and be careful this is tough on the wrists!

Perfect for gaining that summer booty. Also great for toning the gluts and calves. Notice her focus is straight ahead assisting with the neutral spine. Shoulders are away from the ears, arms strong and engaged. Keep the heel up and as it lifts make sure the hips remain tucked in, avoid the dog-going-pee look. This move can definitely be done with out the band however the band adds more tension and aids in maintaining a strong posture.

Lunge kicks are easy peesy but it’s important to maintain posture throughout the entire movement. As you lunge down, knees are in a straight line with the ankles and ensure that the knee doesn’t go over the toes. The back is neutral, shoulders down and butt tucked under. As you straighten up, extend the kick from your knee first and flex the foot so your sole faces outward. As always keep the abs engaged.

The dancer in me had to add this in. Think of this move as the graceful sister of the ab workout. You want your toes pointed in front of you about an arm distance away from your butt. Keeping your spine straight your going to do small crunch movements as you lift your arm and gaze over the opposite shoulder. There is a small twist movement toward the opposite shoulder, this movement is what’s going to get your abs in tip top shape. It’s important to engage your abs the ENTIRE time, think belly button to spine.

I love this move, as it blends balance (which is excellent for your core) with toning abs. As shown, opposite elbow to knee and the biggest thing is keeping the ball under you in place and stable.

Prancing!!! Hahaha just kidding however though it looks crazy, prancing around with weights on your ankles is a great toning routine for your gluts, calves and booty.


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