Summer Detox

Eating wise, this week Sucked. I’ve been busy all week with training and getting another teaching job lined up and I’ll be the first to admit, when I get busy my eating habits and overall well being hits the fan. For instance, I’m the type of person you DON’T want to meet if I haven’t had breakfast first. Skipping breakfast doesn’t work for me and I don’t function if I don’t have some type of fuel to start my day. So for the past four days, as I’ve been running out the house at 8am I’d grab an English muffin and orange juice to eat in the car. Me and bread do not get along period. I’ve stated before that I love love love bread, however the easiest way to bulk up when you workout regularly is by what? Eating carbs. And my body sucks up carbs like water making it extremely easy for me to put on a pound in my derriere section just by eating an English muffin four days out the week, EVEN if I regularly workout.

You’re probably thinking “well you’re working out so wouldn’t you just burn off  the carbs anyway?” Yes I would if I were exercising at a level that my body isn’t already conditioned to. So for example, I teach fitness and Zumba classes on a weekly basis. My body is use to these activities so I am able to maintain a healthy weight but say I wanted to lose a few pounds, I’d have to increase my intensity level of workouts to include exercises that I don’t already do on a regular basis. Which would only include weight training, which I avoid because I become too muscular for my taste, leaving me with a Catch-22.  Of course this would all be solved if I just stopped eating so much dang carbs but until I decide to enter a bodybuilding pageant, I’m sticking with my carbs. (Click Here for Bodybuilding Tips)

So the purpose of my tangent is to say lately I’ve been feeling sluggish and just plain blah. I get like this every time I get busy and start eating like crap so every couple of months I go on a detox of sorts where I’ll cut back on the carbs and go heavy on the fruits, vegetables and fish. It helps cleanse my body and allows me to avoid putting on extra pounds without resorting to actual weights.

Here are some delicious detox recipes that I’m definitely doing over the next couple of weeks. But remember, when it comes to the detox drinks, these are only suppose to last 1-3 days. I would NEVER suggest substituting detox drinks for meals, rather think of them as a supplement to your three regular meals. I know a lot of people have success with substituting for detox drinks but it’s just my opinion that it may not provide enough sustenance if you’re still working out or burning a ton of energy throughout your daily routine. Each picture is linked to the original recipe.

Happy Detoxing!

-J.S. Gates

Strawberry, Ham and Peach Salad


Chicken with Spicy Fruit…sounds weird tastes goood!

Grilled Steak Salad with Fruit


Fish Skewers with Vegetables

Fish Skewers with Vegetables


My Absolute favorite! Fish   Tacos!!!! Here with a Chili Lime Slaw

My Absolute favorite! Fish Tacos!!!! Here with a Chili Lime Slaw


Detox Smoothies


Cauliflower recipe

Black Bean and Corn Chili with Avocado Salsa

Detox Drinks







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