Top 2013 Summer Fitness Apps

I love working out, but I’m the type that likes to be engaged during my workout by either listening to music or participating in a fitness class setting. The less engaged I am, the less inclined I am to stick to my exercise routine which is why I’m constantly looking for new ways to spice up my workout. The funny thing about getting fitness moves and routines from a magazine or  website is that you’re more then likely reading it while sitting on your butt. I was on Pinterest earlier and I couldn’t help but think that even though there’s hundreds of boards and pins dedicated to fitness,    we probably won’t try out that new move we “liked” once it’s time for us to head to the gym or wherever we choose to workout. Granted, we could easily copy moves from a magazine or website while working out within the comfort of our own home but just thinking about that makes me bored. And from experience, the more bored someone is of their routine the less they’ll sweat and burn calories.

So, with the increase of technology comes the decline of excuses we can use NOT to workout on a given day. Currently in Vegas it’s up to 115 and higher this weekend, definitely WAY too hot to be going to the gym. True, but not enough to cut back on my exercise routine for the weekend. So while cooped up in my air conditioned house I decided to check out some fitness apps that’ll keep my brain engaged and my body singing. The ones listed below are the few that I found to be the most engaging, check them out by clicking on the pics.

-J.S. Gates

Obstacles XRT has received really high reviews since it’s release and allows the user to select different types of obstacles. The beauty about this app is that it includes clear videos for each exercise, allows you to choose your fitness level and most importantly doesn’t involve equipment, perfect for the at-home gym workout. The app comes with a fee but it’s less then the price of a cup of coffee.

I’m currently going through a Zombie fascination stage. (Keep on the lookout for my Zombie Fitness Plan). I think if there’s no other reason to workout, the ability to survive a Zombie attack should at least be one. This app includes interval chases and several “missions” for you to complete whether beginner or expert. It works with the music already saved to your phone and allows for a realistic game-like experience. This is definitely my favorite!


I’m not big on sharing my fitness achievements via online (I just think it’s pointless to brag to friends over Facebook that I worked out) but Teemo is a cute app that allows you to stay connected with friends through fitness. I would recommend this app to people who don’t have time to go to the gym and need ideas for quick workout sessions in-between lunch time or for people just starting their fitness journey. This app is NOT for people wanting intense circuit or weight training ideas but perfect for my in-betweeners.


Like I said before, music is my best buddy when working out. The Cruise Control app that creates a playlist from your existing library that matches your running pace! So as you transition from warm-up to all out sprint, your music changes along with you.


I’m drawn to Yog simply because it allows you to set-up a time and date to run with someone in another location all through your phone. I know technically you can do the same thing via text or email BUT you can keep track of everyone’s progress and share the same playlist while running! Also its free 99.


EVERYONE who even walks further then three steps to their car needs to download this app! It’s an amazing tool that allows people to track how many miles they bike, walk or run and the results are donated to various charities. All the donations come from corporate sponsors so users don’t have to do anything but download and move around. This is also one of my favorite apps.


Although it’s summer, some of us still have to sit at the computer for a couple of hours each day. This app is perfect for my cubicle workers who need a mini break from staring at their computer screen. I have back problems like no other, so these simple yoga moves allow me to ease the tension in my back no matter where I am.


This is by far not new to the list of best apps however still a good addition this summer if you don’t already have it. It provides you to hundreds of personalized workouts and if your a sucker for being trained by your favorite athlete, here it is. Like many of its products, Nike allows you to customize the workout to fit your needs. Though this is geared toward women, I still think it’s a great tool for my guys too.






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