4th of July Series: Fresh 2013 Bikini Style

Living on the west coast allows for national holidays to be spent either at the beach or over the house which happens to have the pool in the backyard. Hmmmm gotta love the west coast. While typically children are known to wear their bathing suit to a cookout, why not utilize this 4th of July to show off the work you’ve been putting in at the gym? I’ll admit, for some odd known reason I feel too exposed rolling up to a party with nothing but a bikini top and shorts. But I know there’s people more then willing to rock the look (they even rock it while walking down the Strip, -_- no judgment).

I think wearing a bikini to a cookout when you know there’s water involved is a must. Even if you don’t plan on getting in the pool there’s only a limited amount of months in which its socially acceptable for you to wear a bikini as if it were actual clothes. 4th of July is like Halloween; a good excuse for you to show some skin. Plus I think when worn properly bikinis deserve the same respect of traditional summer attire. And let’s be honest, you buy a bikini because it looks cute therefore the only way people can get the full affect of it’s cuteness is if it’s displayed outside the pool. I know some people don’t get it but TRUST I completely understand.  Here’s a collection of looks that allow you to flaunt your progress, your body and your bikini for this 4th of July. Click the pics for more details as many of these are on sale!

-J.S. Gates

Simple but stylish. Perfect.


You CANNOT go wrong with a sarong, bikini top and summer heels. Honestly this is the best cookout attire because it’s cute, you an easily throw a light jacket over your arms and easy for you to jump in the pool if you so desire.


Definitely different but absolutely cute. I love this with some beige platform sandals and a strapless pink bikini top. Can’t go wrong.

Definitely meant to be seen outside the pool rather then under water.

I love this sophisticated look. Not too girly not too showy.

There’s no reason to cover up with a plain old t-shirt. I’m a fan of the bling bling so I always lean toward pieces that sparkle

This is so cute! A great way to flaunt your obliques while still leaving some up to imagination. Excellent

Cute prints are always a good choice. Also it’s always best to stand out when it comes to bikinis

I’ve always been a fan of the one piece but I’ll admit cute ones are hard to find. Look no further.

Love the color and pattern combination.

Bringing Sexy Back! Sorry I had to.

Spicy comes to mind. With some platforms and a big floppy hat with shades…perfect.

Love the side paneling. I think mint is great if you’re looking for a solid yet standout colored bikini. The top would also look cute with a sarong or beach shorts.

The perfect LBD for your Bikini. Excellent idea, love the flamenco-esque style to it.

Kimono prints have a special place in my heart.

Love this modern image one-piece.

Love the bagginess. Comfortable yet cute.

Must Have. Crochet shorts are the best idea for a summer party.

Sexy. Definitely perfect for an adults only get together.

I absolutely love the pattern. So different from traditional swimwear.


Though I’m a pattern girl, simple is always elegant.

Royal Blue with a peak of cleavage.

Aka Tankini. Love the old school feel. Simple but still attention grabbing.

One of my favorite one-pieces


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