4th of July Series: Cardio Burn

It’s summer time ie. Killin It Time! Though realistically we should be killing it in the gym all year round, we all know summer warmth puts a lot more pep to our step. I know for me it’s definitely the summer clothes or lack thereof that must be worn in the warmer weather.

Nothing feels better then killing it in the gym and then going to a summer party where everyone’s like “Oh my gooossssh you look soooooo goood!” and then you humbly respond with “Awww thank you!” but inside your like “Yeahhhhh I know”.

Introducing the Cardio Burn, a playlist driven circuit routine that’ll spice up your workout and sharpen those muscles. Now of course I know everyone might have a few different song selections then I, so feel free to substitute with your own selections. This circuit simply follows a bootcamp-esque format, switching moves whenever the song changes. Yet I’m not going to lie and say this circuit is easy. You’ll definitely be burning by the end. If you want to use my same playlist simply copy and paste the song titles into youtube.

Happy Burning! (In a good way)

-J.S. Gates

Step 1: 10-15min warm-up. This include a quick jog, a few laps around the track, biking, swimming, elliptical etc. Anything that gets you warmed up and increases your heart rate.

Step 2: Cardio Burn Section.

Song One: Rompe La Cintura (Remix) EL Mas Fino 2013. High Knees/Jumping Jacks alternating. 

This is a 3 1/2 min song, so whatever you substitute with make sure it’s around the same length BUT you want something a little fast. You want to do high knees the ENTIRE song yet the key here is to alternate to jumping jacks when you get tired. So instead of simply stopping in between your high knees, transition to jumping jacks or if the jumping is too much transition to heels taps but making sure your arms are still going up and down in a jumping jack motion.

Song Two: Imagine it Was Us Jessie Ware. Overhead Triceps Dips and Sit-ups. 

This is another 3 1/2min song but at a slower (not too slow) tempo then Song 1. For this song you want to be in a sitting position and start off with overhead triceps dips with a weight of your choosing. If you don’t have an exercise ball, this could be done on a bench or simply on the floor. You want to alternate between 5 overhead triceps dips and 5 sit-ups. Try to make it through the ENTIRE song!

(Remember you need your back straight, chin up and elbows at a 90 degree angle. Also you want your elbows facing forward and close to your ears.)

Song Three: Beat It Sean Kingston. Mountain Climbers and Burpees. 

We want to bring it back up a notch with this 4min song. It’s a bit more faster then song 2 so whatever song you choose make sure it’s up beat. For this song you want to alternate between 10 mountain climbers and 3 burpees. This is tough, not gonna lie however whenever you get tired revert back to those heel taps you did during song one. Again making sure your arms are continuing that up and down jumping jack movement to keep the heart rate up. Idealistically we want to aim for 5-10 reps of mountain climbers and burpees with a total of 2-3 short heel tap breaks.

(Ensure to keep your back as straight as a board. You want to refrain from letting your booty lift up. Even though it’s called a mountain climber you want to avoid the mountain shape.)

Song Four: Kisses Down Low Kelly Rowland. Bridges.

Wooooo you made it to song four. Ok this is a slower tempo then the above song (not too slow). Now we’re going to take it down low (hahaha) and do a bridge sequence. My cardio class loves these, I like to call it buns of steel (I’m definitely going to post a video of these babies since I swear by them). So while lying down you want your feet together (think shoes together and knees kissing). You can either hold a dumbbell as your waist or arms by your sides. You want to do a sequence of 4 presses up and on the fourth one you want to lift and hold up your hips to the sky and count to five. If you are holding any type of weight make sure you hold it at your waist while your counting to 5 (slow five count! don’t cheat and rush through it). If you had your arms by your side pump them up and down while your holding your 5 count.

(If you choose to add weight, simply hold it right at your waist)

Song Five: Gangsta (Balistiq Remix) Kat Dahlia. Planks. Don’t judge the title I swear it’s a good song.

This is another 4min, slower paced song. We’re going to take it down to planks now, so depending on your preference you can use a fast or slow song. For this your going to alternate between regular planks and side planks. 15 counts in regular plank position and 30 counts in side planks (you want to alternate between right and left side planks). Your arms will probably start to kill so whenever you feel a bit tired, try not to just plop down on the floor. Simply roll back into a child’s pose and count to 10 and continue with the the planks.

(I have bad wrists so I like to do planks on my elbows. It’s equally as effective as doing it with straight arms. Remember you want a back as straight as a board)

(Extending the arm is ideal but you can also hold the hands at the waist)

Song Six: Treasure (Chesto Remix) Bruno Mars. Lunge Jumps

Ok now we’re going to take it home. Depending on how long your warm-up was you should be 25-35min into the workout. This Treasure mix is almost 5min long and even though it’s an upbeat pace, don’t feel like you have to rush these lunge jumps. Go at your own pace and feel free to hold a weight ball. Again this is a longer song so you’re going to want to pace your self but when you feel yourself getting fatigued take it to middle squats and continue with lunge jumps when you’re ready.

Song Seven: Cool Down!

You’re finally done! You should choose your favorite slow song of the moment that you can cool down to. Ideally the cool down should start with slow moments such as squats or heel taps and then transition into a long stretch section. You don’t want to jump into stretching directly following your lunge jumps. It’ll cause your heart rate to drop at a pace dangerously fast. So ease into it, relax and smile because you just KILLED a cardio burn circuit.


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