Workout Munchies

There have been plenty of times where I’ve overheard someone leaving a workout and making a comment about grabbing some fast food. I don’t judge, mainly because I understand that feeling after an intense workout, it’s a feeling that says “I’m tired as hell and just need fuel”. The LAST thing I wish to do is cook for myself after I just kicked butt in the gym, I completely understand that natural inclination to just grab whatever is on the way home and call it a day.

Workout munchies isn’t simply being hungry and wanting food. The munchies is when you’ll eat any and everything in sight without a second thought because your so tired and hungry. Munchies also entice you to throw your healthy eating habits out the window and reach for whatever you have a taste for, be it healthy or not. My post workout munchies lean toward pastas, burgers and eggs. My body prefers heavy stuff because it knows a light salad isn’t going to be satisfying enough post workout. Yet where I personally run into trouble is if I don’t have anything pre-made for my post workout. So to avoid also reaching for the fast food because it’s easier, I make sure I prepare plenty options for my workout munchies. Check out the following recipes for your own munchies remedy.

-J.S. Gates

Whenever I need a snack I reach for a granola bar…well most of the time. This is a simple no bake recipe however I must warn you this does have butter! I personally don’t CUT out ingredients rather I scale back however I respect others’ decisions to cut something out like butter completely. If it makes you feel any better it only calls for 1/4 of butter.


Another afternoon favorite if you’re not looking for a heavy meal are parfaits! Easy peasy to make and if you keep them in a glass jar they last longer. I hate when you buy a parfait from the store and it’s all watery because it’s kind of old. So might as well make your own. Add some yogurt of your choosing, throw some fresh fruit and granola on top and call it a day.


Everyone knows I love avocado, I honestly eat a whole one daily as a snack or with my lunch. Here’s an easy idea. Halve an avocado, scoop out the pit, spoon in some seasoned tuna (lemon juice, olive oil and season salt) and curve those workout munchies. You can make a batch of tuna on Sunday and five avocados will last you the week if you simply eat a half a day.


Can’t go wrong with pasta, ricotta and spinach. I’m a huge fan of pasta, it’s one of the first things I learned to cook on my own while studying aboard so pasta and I will forever be tight. Which is why low-fat recipes such as this is much needed or I’d be as big as a house by now. By the way I’m a huge fan of left overs and love how long pasta can last throughout the week.


Curry Whaaaa? Curry Chicken Salad, love it. Make it prior to your workout, pop it in the fridge and eat it chilled post workout.


If you get the munchies and you’re too tired to cook yet unfortunately don’t have any leftovers, don’t grab fast food! Plead with someone one in your household to cook you something or do something that sustained me throughout my college career. Boil some pasta, chop up fresh garlic, add some olive oil, quickly fry some shrimp and add it together. Or another quick thing I learned is once you drain your pasta, leave it in the pot turn the fire down low and add an egg. The egg will quickly cook just keep stirring and fry some sliced zucchini and throw it on top. Easy Peasy.


Honestly EVERYONE who works out should get a slow cooker. I know it seems a little Betty Crocker-ish but seriously nothing’s better then throwing a bunch of stuff in a pot in the morning and return in the evening to a perfect meal.


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