Banging Body

We humans are advice hungry creatures. We either love dishing it out or hold advice given to a high esteem. This is perfectly fine, without advice many of us would be lost in this world, however it gets tricky when it comes to fitness advice. Often times, I feel hesitant when participants ask me after class about weight loss because I have no clue about their eating habits, metabolism and unless they’re standing stark naked in front of me, about their body type. So anytime I dish out any advice, I make sure to give a list of various options, which probable makes people regret asking me, but at least if I give them options they know there’s not one tried and true way to lose weight. Losing weight is not ONE SIZE FITS ALL. I think the best thing someone can do prior to their weight-loss or weight-gain journey (yes I know you’re out there), is to research and decide which body type you have.

For instance, my body type is booty-licious, or in politically correct terms, bottom heavy. However I have a crazy small waist yet not top heavy whatsoever so I’m caught in-between a hourglass figure and a pear shape. Plus I have muscular (read manly) thighs and am 5’2 Woe is me…anywho I can’t tell someone how to get a small waist like me simply because A. I was born with it and B. doing a certain number of sit-ups or planks might work for me but not home  girl who happens to be a 100% pear shape. However, I could suggest certain foods to stay away from and a series of target exercises, such as side planks, mountain climbers, bridge lifts etc. that she can try together to slim down her middle. You could be like me and be a mixture of shapes which is cool and can definitely happen, that just means you’re working with some extra accessories. Once you know what your working with, then you can smartly decide which exercises and healthy diet plans are best for your shape to achieve that Banging Body.

-J.S. Gates

Junk in the TRUNK! Those with big bottoms are carrying around extra subcutaneous fat. This fat that appears just below your skin is actually healthier than belly fat; unfortunately, it is also harder to get rid of. Subcutaneous fat is associated with healthy cholesterol levels and fewer heart attacks, but it also has less blood flow and holds onto calories, which makes it tough to burn off. A Low fat diet helps to control this.To get on track with a low-fat diet, begin by cutting down on saturated fats, including animal sources such as high-fat dairy and red meats. Eliminate hidden saturated fats such as hydrogenated oils found in processed foods.

Good news for my pears is that it’s much easier for us to burn those calories off because our bodies like to store them in our “asset” areas. I’ve said this before, I have NEVER personally counted calories however I do understand some people do. It’s suggested that pear shapes limit their fat intake so if you would like to see a meal plan specifically for pear shapes, Click Here.

Apple Bottom Jeans, Boots with the Furrrrr. Apples carry fat around their middle but generally have a slim lower body. If you’re an apple, you’ll find it easier to drop pounds than a pear does because abdominal fat breaks down more quickly than fat stored in the butt and thigh area. First, avoid refined carbs like white bread, pasta and rice that are low in fat and spike blood sugar, which can increase stress and make you hungrier. Go for other healthy anti-inflammatory fats, too, like olive oil, avocado, sea bass and salmon.

To shave off your big middle, you want to practice interval training that involves sudden bursts of high-intensity movement alternated with lower intensity movement. Apples should really look into bootcamp classes or similar circuit classes. While you probably enjoy a simple cycling class or kickboxing, sudden burst of high intensity movements mixed with low intensity boosts both your aerobic and anaerobic systems to speed metabolism and burn belly fat. It’s suggested that apple shapes intake a higher level of healthy fats so if you would like to see a meal plan specifically for apple shapes, Click Here.

The most preferred shape, the Hourglass.  Without some full-body toning exercises, hourglass-shaped girls run the risk of popping out a little bit too much, especially in the thighs and upper arms. To keep a shapely yet firm figure, curvy body types should pay special attention to their extremities ie. hips and thighs.

To maintain a lovely hourglass figure, you’ll want to focus on strength training. Don’t fill the need to do a hundred crunches a day because more then likely, your waist won’t be a problem area. Focus on the upper and lower body, toning the arms using weights and keeping your bottom firm and tight with cardio, squats, etc.  Hourglass figures have a bit more leniency when it comes to their diet, but of course since they tend to gain weight all over, unlike the other shapes, you don’t want to go overboard with the junk food.

Rectangle, Chili Pepper, Banana…there’s many names for the long, slender no-curves, yet beautifully athletic body shape. The rectangle shape  have a narrow shape with no real difference between the size of their hips, waists, and shoulders.

For the rectangle ones, strength training can help to create curves and definition by building muscle. Try two weight-training sessions a week involving heavier weights and low repetitions, which will help to tone and shape your entire body. Mix up your lifting routines with a few days of moderate-intensity cardio to keep your heart healthy and boost your endurance.  It’s suggested that rectangle shapes intake a higher level of healthy fats so if you would like to see a meal plan specifically for apple shapes, Click Here.

While there’s definitely more shapes then those listed above, such as diamond and triangle,it’s more then likely that your a blend of two of the most common four shapes. Find out your shape prior to working and whatever it is know that you aren’t completely doomed just because you don’t have an hourglass shape or an athletic rectangle shape. The last thing you want to do is waste time doing exercises that are wrong for your body shape.


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