Seafood Week: A recipe a day will keep the sharks away

Shark week is over. I will admit I didn’t actually Watch it but all the press and hoopla over it really brought about some cravings. I have food swings: meaning my taste and cravings for certain things are completely off the wall sometimes. I can crave rice for four days straight and other times I won’t feel like eating chicken for a whole month. My food swings normally take place within the grocery store where I’ll spend a couple of hours looking around. I rarely go to the store with a list in hand, which is dangerous on my part because it takes me forever, but in my defense I don’t know what I’m hungry for until I’m hungry.

So it’s summer, hot as heck and I’m having a food swing. Luckily for me there’s a seafood sale going on at many of the grocery stores and I absolutely love seafood. It’s light, good for you and it’s just an excellent break from all the beef and chicken we’re constantly surrounded by. So I’ve decided to stock my basket with different types of seafood and embark on a seafood week. Seafood is also my personal way to detox my body. I must admit sometimes I go a bit too heavy with the red meat and seafood relives me from the sluggishness of beef and boosts my energy levels. “Isn’t too much seafood bad for you?” I believe this question is a personal one. Though doctors warn against the frequent consumption of mercury, which fish is known to have, many still suggest consuming meals with fish at least twice a week. Salmon for instance is known to have the lowest amounts of mercury making it safe for frequent consumption. My aunt is pescetarian and hasn’t experienced any issues thus far so I truly believe eating seafood for a week straight is harmless but of course it’s definitely a personal decision.  Anywhoooo back on topic, here’s seven recipes to hold you over until next year’s Shark Week. Happy eating!

-J.S. Gates

Seafood quinoa aka Seafood comfort food! This recipes is a little intense but for those of you how like to try new recipes this is the one to try. It has quite a few ingredients, but very healthy such as bell peppers, cumin, garlic, clams, shrimp and scallops. Click Here for the full recipe.

Seafood Fusilli and Shrimp Pasta Salad. Easy peasy and less intimidating for newbies like me. It includes peas, white wine, scallions and fusilli hence the name. Click here for full recipe.

This seafood salad is definitely a challenge for me simply because it’s using ingredients I haven’t had the guts to try before (it uses fennel bulbs!!??). Not going to lie, the picture alone convinced me that I needed to at least try it. An amazing recipe for all my foodies for sure. Click here for full recipe. 

You know I had to throw in some shrimp tacos!!! Doesn’t even need an intro. This recipe allows you to make them home made and of course includes the best ingredient ever, avocados. Click here for the full recipe.

Chipotle Lobster Avocado Wraps. Don’t even stop and consider it, just do it. You NEED to click here for the full recipe.

This is beyond easy. I make mine with pan fried (using olive oil) shrimp and sliced fillets, pepper jack cheese, whole wheat tortillas, cilantro, green onions, some pepper and topped with avocados.

Garlic Shrimp. Very simple and involves only a handful of ingredients. Great Sunday night dish. Click here for full recipe.


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