New Fitness Trend Alert: POUND Rockout



I like keeping up to date with the latest fitness craze, even if some of them make me raise an eyebrow at times. But I’m open to anything, especially if it gets me moving an sweating. Introducing Pound Rockout a  45-minute sequence that blends Pilates, Cardio, Strength Training and even dance moves all while using weighted drumsticks!

I haven’t personally tried this new workout in person, since many of the new fitness classes are firstly offered in California or NY prior to being adopted by the mainstream. “Sigh”. From looking at the various videos and seeing some of the classes, this seems like a great workout for those wanting to build lean muscles. Think less mass and more subtly fit. The good thing about the Pound Rockout company is that they offer membership to stream their classes via online, so if home workouts are your thing and you want to keep up on the latest fitness classes, check them out here, or click the pic below to watch the video.



-J.S. Gates


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