Fit Recipes: Crazy Chicken Concoctions

I haven’t had the taste for chicken in a good three months, however a last minute decision to have chicken tacos last night spawned a whole food swing for mouth watering recipes using the ingredient. Chicken can be used in the most boring ways ever which is probably why I rarely have a taste for it (yet this opinion says a lot of my beginning cooking skills), however when it comes to cooking healthy meals for yourself it’s always great to have a staple ingredient that can be used in different ways. Here is a collection of interesting chicken recipes that are easy, healthy and far from boring.

Click the pictures for links to the full recipes.

-J.S. Gates

Avocado Chicken Salad Bites using avocado instead of mayo.

Sweet and Sour boneless oven baked wings. Packed with flavor yet still a healthy option.

Baked Chicken Fajita Taquitos. Instead of the normal deep fried option for taquitos, these are baked using flour tortillas.

Lean Chicken Meatballs Wraps. Definitely never considered making meatballs from chicken, so you know how un-creative I am when it comes to thinking of new recipes on my own. I wonder how these would taste in spaghetti?

Chicken, Fig, Basil and Goat Cheese Panini. Excellent lunch idea with a side of sweet potato fries!

Chicken Momos. Although this isn’t my recipe, one of my proudest cooking moments was making dumplings on my own for the first time. I spread chive cream cheese on the pre-cut dumpling squares, placed some chopped shrimp and corn in the middle and then pan fried them in olive oil.

Crepechiladas. This is by far one of the best creative recipes as it uses crepes to make healthy chicken enchiladas. Whaaaaat!?

Zucchini Parmesan Chicken Nuggets. I looove Chicken Nuggets but I definitely don’t eat them enough as I’ve kinda turned my back on fast food for a while. These are mini crusted perfection.

After living in Japan for four years, I’m a huge fan of fried rice. Well rice in general. I love rice bowls and you can do so much with it without going crazy or needing to be an advance chef.

The great thing about this pita recipe is the key ingredient is chicken leftovers. I come from a family where my dad hates leftovers and my mom grew up on them, so naturally I take after my dad and prefer any recipe that allows me to reuse them for an entirely different meal.

Healthy Carbonara. Pasta will be the death of me and if not it’s the main reason why I became a fitness instructor so it deserves a little shine. Pasta always gives me that homey feeling so I’ll never cut it out of my diet but it’s great that there’s a healthy way to indulge in it.

Chicken Burgers on Pita Rounds. Super bowl kick off is this Sunday and honestly no one will miss regular burgers when they taste these babies.

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