Fit Recipes: Juicy J

The recent juicing craze isn’t really recent at all, but anytime there’s an influx of celebrities doing something everyone goes crazy about it. My first introduction to Juicing was through a friend who said she’d blend a plate of vegetables each morning and just chug it. Upon hearing that her acne cleared up, I was all down to try it, because frankly at the time that’s the only way I’d consider eating a mix of raw vegetables every morning. Don’t get me wrong, I’m huge on vegetables but preferred to eat them cooked and with a full meal. Since starting my fitness journey two years ago, I’ve realized that just because I didn’t eat junk food didn’t necessarily mean I was healthy either. I think it’s only natural for us to think we’re doing good if we manage to have some sort of vegetable throughout the day however it’s not until I started incorporating either a fruit or vegetable with every single meal and snack that I realized I could be doing better. With all the preservatives and crap that enters our body throughout the day, vegetable juice is the laziest way to cleanse out our system, simply blend and chug. I’ve said this before, but I don’t agree with substituting meals with teas, or fruit juices but I must admit chugging a whole plate of vegetables is enough to get you throughout the day so I’m starting to see why people would want to skip breakfast and a crappy lunch in favor of Juicing.

Here’s a couple of good juice recipes for all my non-juicers, the people who are more concerned with the taste then the long list of benefits. Let’s be honest, I use to be one of them and nothing’s wrong with wanting your food to taste good. We wouldn’t have particular taste buds if that were the case. But I think the best way to get into Juicing is simply start of with vegetables/fruits that you already know you like. Kale isn’t for everybody, the name alone turns some people off. Stick with what you know and love and create your own recipes.

As a side note I refer to blending and juicing as the same thing, simply Juicing. It’s a habit of mine however it is believed that both techniques have different benefits to the digestive system and body as a whole. You can blend or juice both vegetables and fruits and it seems to mostly be a preference thing as to which technique is best to follow.  For more information on the differences Read Here.

-J.S. Gates

SMT: Shake Me and Twerk


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