Fit Workouts: Ballin’ like the Pros

I opened up my weekly Quora email today and saw a question answered by Jeremy Lin from the Houston Rockets:


‘What is a typical daily diet for an NBA player during the season?’

Jeremy Lin, Point Guard for the Houston Rockets

My diet consists of healthy carbs, proteins, veggies and fruits.  For carbs I like to eat pasta, couscous, and rice.  All the meats I eat have to be lean and healthy like fish, chicken, and steak. Every once in a while I’ll treat myself to a very unhealthy meal which usually consists of going to multiple fast food places in one night.  

My biggest no-no’s are fried food, candy, and soda.  I’m a big snacker so it’s hard to give up my normal snacking habits.  If I could pick, I would always drink soda, eat gummy candies and devour huge bags of chips.  My snacking habits have been changed to yogurt, trail mix, granola and veggie platters…it’s the worst.


I love his answer simply because it’s honest as heck. He acknowledges healthy snacking habits are the worst but does it anyway to reach and maintain his fitness goals. Eating healthy sucks sometimes, let’s be honest. There’s plenty of us who might not be the first to admit that healthy eating requires some serious  effort. But once we’ve made the decision to embrace a more balanced and healthy lifestyle, we get over it and suck it up (while also indulging once in a while). I personally think those who’ve newly converted to a healthy lifestyle have a tougher time in general simply because A. they were once able to eat whatever they want whenever which is an adjustment in itself and B. they probably experience more junk food urges then someone who simply enjoys all the healthy stuff.

Jeremy Lin enjoying some In-N-Out


There’s many reasons why people embrace a healthy lifestyle but I think the best result is when you’re able to feel and see the difference it has on your body and overall well being. That is the one reason why many of us choose a salad over pizza or why we make a conscious effort to stock up on the vegetables when we go grocery shopping, because we may not always like to be healthy but we definitely love the results we get from it. Obviously healthy eating and exercise goes hand in hand, and while some people think they can get away with eating junk all the time and still perform well on a physical level, pro ballers such as Jeremy Lin, D. Wade and Micheal Jordan to name a few, trained like crazy and ate just as well to keep they’re bodies performing at 100%. Which is why today I’ve decided to focus on some Ballin’ exercises that can be done in the gym utilizing minimal workout equipment and can change up one’s regular, maybe even boring workout routine.

P.S. I know my exercise images mostly show women, (it’s a habit of mine) But these are definitely not women-only exercises, in fact none of my exercises are. Men don’t always have to pump iron or jump rope in the gym, if anything I think the recommended reps for the below exercises should be doubled /tripled for men.


While Laying down on an exercise mat, securely hold a medicine ball over your head and stretch out your arms and legs. Crunch upwards keeping your arms straight and raise your feet to your hands. Slowly place the medicine ball in between your feet and lower your body into the starting position while keeping your feet just off the ground and the medicine ball between your feet. Crunch back up, raise your legs and grab the medicine ball from your feet. Finally, lower your legs and upper body to the starting position. This is a very tough ab exercise, so make sure to start off very light and focus on perfect form.

PLANK KNEE-INS ON MEDICINE BALL: With your hands on the medicine ball, start in a high plank (the top of a push-up). Keeping your body in a straight line, bring your right knee up to your chest and pause for one second; bring right leg back to starting position. Repeat on left leg. Start with twelve reps per side and work up the number of reps as you get stronger.


The single leg butt blast off of the medicine ball is an intermediate lower body exercise. This is a challenging exercise that really targets the buttocks and hamstrings.


Using a large exercise ball, lay your back on the ball with your feet placed firmly on the floor. Your lower back should be centered on top of the ball. Hold a medicine ball securely over your head and crunch your upper body forward while keeping the medicine ball overhead. Be sure to contract your abs at the top of the movement for a one-count. Slowly return to the starting position and repeat.

V LEG LIFTS: Start out laying straight on the ground, holding the medicine ball above your shoulders and chest. With straight legs, hover your feet a few inches above the ground. Keeping your arms still, raise your straight legs up to the right of the medicine ball; bring legs back down towards ground. Repeat on the left side; this is one rep. Complete ten or more reps, increasing as you get stronger. This one is particularly challenging!


The glute bridge on the medicine ball is a beginner lower body exercise. This is a great beginner exercise that incorporates the medicine ball and really targets the glutes and hamstrings.


Using a medicine ball, get into a regular pushup position. Leave one hand securely on the ground and bring the other hand and position it on top of the medicine ball. Slowly perform a regular pushup and focus tension on the pec muscle which your pushing off the medicine ball with.


The double medicine ball Bosu push-up is an advanced upper body exercise. This is a very challenging exercise that targets the chest, shoulders, arms and core. You would do a push-up just like you regularly would, with a medicine ball under each hand and your feet balancing on a Bosu ball.



The video below is great to do at your local gym or have a couple of basketballs laying around the house and want to do something different besides your regular running or cycling. Some of the moves are actually pretty challenging even if you’re not trying to become a pro baller. But I do suggest watching the video WITHOUT the sound.



I also stumbled unto this cool website called Go Pro Workouts that let’s you choose a sport and watch narrated videos and nutrition advice from Pros within that given sport. They have basketball, skiing, dance, soccer etc.


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